Our Philosophy: Expertise, Transparency, Communication and Quality

Expertise – the fundament


Our team possesses work experience and know-how in the following areas: IT service management, project management, strategic management, interim management and change management. Our strengths are industry knowledge in the fields of aircraft industry, process technology, electrical industry as well as mechanical and plant engineering. We develop solutions for practice and we successfully implement these solutions.



Transparency – the principle


Complex projects require comprehensible planning, reliable reporting systems, realistic assessment of scenarios, genuine risk assessment and effective prevention. Our project management places great emphasis on clarity and countability. Our customers are always in the picture of the project status and they receive the necessary information to come to the best decision.



Communication – the essential


Project management means communication, be it by means of modern media or in form of a one-to-one conversation. Rutzenhöfer Consulting arbitrates between the different views of management, engineering, the operator, the supplier and the service provider. We speak the languages of the different actors and we communicate with every actor on an equal footing.



Quality – the way and the result


The principle of high quality directs all our actions. High quality does not only concern content, but also form, time liability and target-group-specific illustration. We demand high standards of our work, not only with respect to results but also concerning planning, presentation, meetings and documentation. We pay attention to details without losing sight of the essential.